Puncture Repair and prevention

puncture repairs 

Often a punctured tyre can be successfully repaired.

We will inspect your damaged tyre carefully and if it can safely be repaired we will carry out a professional job to a very high standard.



What is PunctureSafe?

PunctureSafe is a “permanent” puncture prevention treatment and tyre life extender/conditioner and we believe the best environmentally green product on the world market today, that works in a unique way in a high speed tyre. PunctureSafe is installed in minutes through the tyre valve with very little air loss and without removing the wheels. PunctureSafe is not a “get you home product”, it is "applied before the puncture occurs" and permanently seals punctures "as they happen." Once installed PunctureSafe not only seals punctures, it conditions the inner casing and stops porosity leaks caused by tiny holes and cracks. In other words, after installing PunctureSafe the tyres maintain their correct air pressure and the need to regularly top up with air is virtually eliminated. Correctly inflated tyres give better fuel economy and also run cooler thereby eliminating the problem of devastating heat build-up. PunctureSafe is water based for easy clean out from the tyre should you ever need to do this. PunctureSafe is the only product we are aware of that will work long term in a high speed tyre and at any temperature without any problems. There is no other tyre sealant company with a pedigree as good as ours - why? Because PunctureSafe, apart from being outstanding at sealing punctures, the gel covers more of the inner tyre in a moving vehicle, as opposed to being adversely affected by centrifugal forces and driven to the centre of the tread area. PunctureSafe is a product with years of R&D behind it specifically to solve the problems associated within the hostile environment of a high speed tyre. PunctureSafe’s abilities and performance does not, and will not diminish with speed, distance or time. We have used the knowledge gained whilst developing our high speed grade to manufacture a low speed grade that has no rival and our existing distributors are getting some excellent volume orders with repeat business from these markets. Not all tyre sealants are equal and PunctureSafe has evolved far beyond that which is commonly known as a tyre sealant, it is a tyre safety system, outstanding at permanently sealing punctures ”as they happen.”

High Performance High Speed Grade

Rated to speeds of 150mph. Suitable for cars, light commercial vehicles, motorhomes, motorcycles, touring caravans and trailers. Seals punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 6mm in diameter